January 02, 2016
Very superstitious
I am superstitious. There. I admitted it. I’ll wear the same outfit to watch the Steelers play every Sunday…down to my socks. If they lose, I’ll switch things up. I’ll make my husband switch places with me on the couch if the other team takes the lead...or leave the room altogether. But at no point during the year is my superstitious nature at its highest than around the New Year. Here are some of the traditions I follow: Coins in shoes
Coins in Shoes

A New Year's tradition: shoes filled with coins.

This is supposed to bring you prosperity. My family has been doing this since I can remember. The shoes go out on New Year's Eve and come in before sunset on New Year's Day. I used to put out my oldest, dingiest shoes – because they were to be outside in the elements all night. Now, I’ve taken to putting out prettier shoes. This year, I chose these Kate Spade numbers. I figure the fancier the shoes, the better the luck? Coins on the window sill Also, this is an effort to make it a prosperous year and bring money into your home. These too are put out on the 31st and brought in January 1. Money in your wallet More prosperity. Start off the year with money in your wallet and you'll have money in your wallet all year long. Clean House We just started this one this year. Mom looked up Irish traditions and said we had to introduce some of those into our rituals because of my husband’s roots. This is supposed to signify a fresh start. But it seems just like an Irish mum came up with this as a way to trick people into cleaning. 12 Grapes
12 Grapes on New Year's Day

It's lucky to start the New Year by eating 12 grapes. We should probably have bought smaller grapes...

We can thank Natalie Morales for this one. Mom saw her talking about this on the Today Show. You are supposed to quickly eat 12 grapes at midnight. This Spanish tradition is to bring you 12 lucky months. Only problem was that mom bought the largest grapes that I’ve ever seen in my life. She almost threw up from eating them too fast. I found them refreshing when washed down with healthy gulps of champagne. New Year’s Day dinner Pork and sauerkraut – yum. I’m not entirely sure why pork – but I’ve read a few things…something about pigs having their snout forward or pushing forward…either way, something about moving forward. And never eat chicken because it scratches in the dirt for its meal. Not good. Eating sauerkraut must give you luck in the New Year because you survived eating it. Green underwear Now, I think we are mixing up New Year’s Day with St. Patrick’s Day. Apparently, the color of your underwear influences what your year is to be like. Green signifies wellness -- which goes along with the new business (SONA Wellness). So, green it is! This seems a bit TMI – so I’m going to leave it here. No matter which weird tradition you practice or adopt, I hope you have a happy & healthy 2016! Copyright 2015 2016 AshleaOnAir. All rights reserved.
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