October 31, 2015
Hitting the reset button

A year ago today, I was wheeled into surgery for my broken leg. Dr. Neil MacIntyre, my surgeon, told us it would take a full year to recover from my injuries. So, we’ve been talking about this date for a while now. October 31: the day we hit the reset button after a really tough year.

Dr Neil MacIntyre

My surgeon and friend, Dr. Neil MacIntyre.

I thought I would narrow it down to a few things I’ve learned over the past year (I’m all about the number four now since I’m anchoring the 4 pm newscast!).

I’m so lucky: I married such a wonderful man, who took such amazing care of me while I was unable to walk on my own. On top of that, Brian and I have a wonderful family and we’re surrounded by fantastic friends and colleagues. We were overwhelmed by the support from so many through what’s been a tough year.

The body is an amazing thing: It is incredible how your body heals. It’s tough. It’s painful. And I’m still not 100%. But the progress is amazing...especially if you do everything your doctors and physical therapists instruct you to do. 

Don’t fall: Don’t fall. Ever. Not a good idea. Avoid falling at all costs. My advice for you — get night lights. ICYMI, here's why:

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